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Let your meeting live forever with AI Producer…

Hybrid meetings are here to stay. Ok, but what does that really mean? Are we just continuing in the same way as before, with fewer “physical” meetings and less time spent at the office? Or does this fundamentally change the way we meet and interact?

No one can really tell at this point…But, we at LiveArena have decided to provide you with the necessary tools to explore the opportunity. For you, as an individual, and for your organization. The solution is called AI Producer.

AI Producer makes it possible for everyone to produce compelling content for a Teams Webinar, Teams Townhall, LinkedIn Live, YouTube, etc. Fully automated.

Or, you can give your Teams meeting a long life with a professional AI production made in the background. Because even if a presentation, meeting or series of sessions/meetings is “over,” you can save it as a reference for others to watch and get inspired from. Forever…

Welcome to the AI Producer world!

Visit us at aiproducer.com to learn more.