LiveArena Broadcast

Quick. Simple. Effective.

LiveArena® Broadcast™ video publishing on Microsoft Azure.

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Highly scalable

Multi-device video publishing

Robust toolset

Isn’t it time to simplify VoD and live streaming?

With LiveArena® Broadcast™, you can prepare and distribute live and on-demand video content in minutes – using your own Azure Media Services account. Our intuitive platform makes it easy to manage live and on-demand video publishing end-to-end. Quickly upload, process, and distribute content while gaining valuable insights into viewer consumption and behavior.

Harness our full suite
of video publishing features

  • Simple UI and administration
  • Live interactive event support
  • Live and VOD viewers statistics
  • Embeddable players for PC, Android, iOS and Mac
  • Multi-user and multi-tenancy
  • Stream & authentication level security

Full content processing & control

  • Live stream acquisition
  • File upload and Ingest
  • Template-based file transcoding
  • Dynamic stream packaging
  • Adaptive multi-bit rate streaming
  • Multi-device distribution

Live event archiving and VOD asset creation

  • Simple file export
  • CDN Distribution
  • Hive Streaming™ Peer based Video Distribution Network (VDN) Integration
  • Fully integrated production kits

Kick your productivity
not your budget, up a notch

LiveArena® Broadcast™ makes it possible for you to efficiently and effectively distribute video content while leveraging the economies of cloud computing. Just add in your Microsoft Azure credentials and you’re ready to go in minutes. Plus, our video publishing platform manages your Azure Media Services resource scheduling – ensuring you only pay for the resources you need when you need them. Considering the construct, features, and flexibility of our core architecture, LiveArena® Broadcast™ allows you to focus on the important things, not costly and time consuming implementation and development.

Unlocks scalability and
remarkable performance

LiveArena® Broadcast™ is based on an architectural pattern using Event Sourcing in combination with CQRS and DDD. This means you can handle large amounts of video content without performance degradation for end viewers. We also automatically manage scale on modules that are under heavy load – if you use LiveArena® Broadcast™ on top of your Azure Media Services account, you never have to worry about performance. Understanding viewers demand a quality viewing experience on public or private networks – LiveArena® Broadcast™ has been fully integrated with both Azure CDN and Hive Video Distribution Network (VDN) technologies.

In brief, our modern state of the art architectural design provides a complete cloud-based tool that meets the demand of customers looking for all the benefits the cloud provides – low cost, high scalability, and redundancy.

So, whether you have one or thousands of viewers, inside or outside your organization, LiveArena® Broadcast™ has what you need.